“I don’t feel uncomfortable talking about my past. That’s why I’m able to write ‘JYJ from 東方神起’ in my Twitter.”

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"we performed with TVXQ in Japan. TVXQ’s popularity is no joke and later we felt like we were involved as guests on TVXQ’s concert"

[Trans] Star Gazing: Yunho on the poisoning incident


Yunho - “At that time, a fan came to me and passed me a beverage. But one bad habit of mine is that I am the type who drinks beverages in one shot. I drank all of that and a weird smell arose. And then I collapsed, and beside me people said, “He’s bleeding”. After knowing it later, there was a component of a strong type of adhesive glue. (Entering into my stomach), there was a backflow and it turned out that way. At that time, one thing I thought about momentarily was, “I have to stop being a celebrity”, yes that. I could not greet people properly. My gaze wavered, should I say that I developed a panic disorder? I also went to the hospital a few times temporarily (to treat the disorder), but after that I was angry at myself that the trauma took over, so I went home and I drank the same brand of beverage and overcame that”.

Yunho - “My habit is to drink (beverages) in one shot. I opened the cap and drank everything at one go. At that time, I collapsed and did not remember anything. The members said that I vomitted blood. Because there was a lot of white glue, the wall linings of my stomach and esophagus were hurt. Even after being discharged from the hospital, I suffered from (gastric) backflow. At that time, I wavered a little. I thought that I had to stop being a celebrity. Even when I was greeting people, I could not directly hold their gaze because of my fear. They said it was a panic disorder and my heart beat very fast and hurt. Before going for broadcast shows, I went to the hospital, but I was angry at the me who could not overcome the trauma. In order to drink the same brand of beverage which I had drunk, I myself opened up the lid and was grasping it firmly, but my hand kept trembling. Because I drank it, the remaining traumatic elements were all overcome. At that moment, I came to realize, “Ah so a disease of the heart / mind is like this.” Now if I receive beverages, I drink them in one shot.”

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"People pointed a lot of fingers at me. I received various scoldings, but I liked that. I think that they leave negative comments precisely because there are responses and there is interes."
— Yunho

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"Just by having a younger brother named as Shim Changmin by my side, it was great for me."
— Yunho

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it was about the time! I hope people will support CJes a little more

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in case you were wondering why he turned evil