"I don’t think I’ll be able to watch Jung Yunho’s upcoming drama so I’m apologetic. It’s because I have a lot of overseas activities.
I have an upcoming world tour so I don’t know if I can watch it, but I’m cheering on his hardwork. They’re also doing a period drama in this summer and it will probably feel like hell. Since it’s (his) first period drama, I wish he will take care of his health."
— Jaejoong

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"Before, when we were working together Yunho experienced dehydration. Yunho-ya, have you been well? I’ve been well. It’s your first period drama, it must have been hard. Since you’re lacking in time, you must have been doing everything fast, even the CGs, so you must have practiced the action moves pretty well. So please take care of your health, drink lots of water. It’s good to work hard but you should also think about your health"



"I heard from actor who acted with TVXQ Yunho. Yunho is really enthusiastic in acting. historical play/period drama type is uneasy and along with summer, so filming spot is very dreadful. It seems like there are many hardships. I think it will work well . Yunho, Fighting!"
— Jaejoong (about Yunho on Night Watchman’s)

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"Kim Jaejoong, It was nice seeing him work hard"
— Yunho about Jaejoong acting on Triangle

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JYJ reached an “ALL KILL” status by placing first on Melon, MNet, Genie, Olleh, Naver, and Cyworld music charts an hour after the album release, with their title song, “Back Seat”





SME is judging a group’s popularity through the number of views that’s why they reupload the video and deleted the old one.. I know its unfair right? SO LET’S SHOW OUR POWERS CASSIOPEIA! LET’S PROVE THEM THAT CASSIOPEIA IS STILL A LIVE!


well now if this isn’t ridiculous. good thing every time i click on that thing i get sucked in and then it’s THE NEXT DAY, pretty much.

Are you kidding me? Like WTF SM! What they did is so unfair D: I totally agree with the above comments! 

AGAIN!? MAN THIS IS THE THIRD TIME? Whatever, this is stupid

SM shitting Cassiopeia again


another page, the same chapter of Cassiopeia’s diaries

“I don’t feel uncomfortable talking about my past. That’s why I’m able to write ‘JYJ from 東方神起’ in my Twitter.”

Jaejoong 110415

"we performed with TVXQ in Japan. TVXQ’s popularity is no joke and later we felt like we were involved as guests on TVXQ’s concert"

[Trans] Star Gazing: Yunho on the poisoning incident


Yunho - “At that time, a fan came to me and passed me a beverage. But one bad habit of mine is that I am the type who drinks beverages in one shot. I drank all of that and a weird smell arose. And then I collapsed, and beside me people said, “He’s bleeding”. After knowing it later, there was a component of a strong type of adhesive glue. (Entering into my stomach), there was a backflow and it turned out that way. At that time, one thing I thought about momentarily was, “I have to stop being a celebrity”, yes that. I could not greet people properly. My gaze wavered, should I say that I developed a panic disorder? I also went to the hospital a few times temporarily (to treat the disorder), but after that I was angry at myself that the trauma took over, so I went home and I drank the same brand of beverage and overcame that”.

Yunho - “My habit is to drink (beverages) in one shot. I opened the cap and drank everything at one go. At that time, I collapsed and did not remember anything. The members said that I vomitted blood. Because there was a lot of white glue, the wall linings of my stomach and esophagus were hurt. Even after being discharged from the hospital, I suffered from (gastric) backflow. At that time, I wavered a little. I thought that I had to stop being a celebrity. Even when I was greeting people, I could not directly hold their gaze because of my fear. They said it was a panic disorder and my heart beat very fast and hurt. Before going for broadcast shows, I went to the hospital, but I was angry at the me who could not overcome the trauma. In order to drink the same brand of beverage which I had drunk, I myself opened up the lid and was grasping it firmly, but my hand kept trembling. Because I drank it, the remaining traumatic elements were all overcome. At that moment, I came to realize, “Ah so a disease of the heart / mind is like this.” Now if I receive beverages, I drink them in one shot.”

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