It is a torture to see these boys crying. They had never cried (sad) on stage before .. of separation. But honestly, Jaejoong did not want to see us crying, but otherwise, I do not like knowing have saved so much on their chest, so much stuck in his throat .. perhaps alone, I could not get justice, but I really think if all cassies knew, he would feel more understood, I do not see them crying, but the burden is on the back of them, and I I know that we could help carry this burden. Yeah, my English sucks

I don’t have sound atm, but I feel like I’m listening to his heart.



This is JYJ. Guess which one is Jaejoong.


no idea



A manly Jaejoong


KPOP is falling apart…
It’s time to TVXQ reunion

"I don’t understand why Kim jaejoong even needs clothes."
— Geunsuk (via fuckyeahtvxqquotes)

"Love is something you shouldn’t be ashamed nor embarassed of."
— Jaejoong (via fuckyeahtvxqquotes)

Anonymous: so I was having a rather large breakdown today as I was listening to an old DBSK playlist. I was about to cut myself when Kiss the Baby Sky came on. And I just stopped. And I read the lyrics and I cried even harder, put the blade away, and I finally remembered what made me fall in love with DBSK in the first place. This reminded me to Always Keep the Faith. I just felt like I had to share this with someone, but I didn't know who. Hope you have a lovely day!


“Baby Sky, all the dreams and hopes are made of your eyes.
Tomorrow, certainly the sky will clear up, just like you are here with me.
Never cry, Never ever hide yourself from me.
Please smile always in the future, just the way you have, with me” — Kiss The Baby Sky (DBSK)

First of all, always come to me when you need to, okay? Don’t think of me as just another cassie, cassie but that is your sister, your fellow, united by this faith that DBSK taught us to believe and the load on our chest.

“Don’t you know, I’ll stand by your side?” — Bolero (TVXQ)

I’ve also had my depressive moments before meeting DBSK I almost killed myself once. But now, after so many years, whenever the burden of life seems too heavy, I recall the words of Jaejoong

"Think of hope the minute you feel miserable with your life. Take up the habit of finding joy in the smallest of things in life. The misery you feel now will be a strong foundation for your future and you will become someone with an invaluable life.” — Jaejoong

Breaking down, feel hopeless, sad, lonely, depressed, things that are natural for us humans, beings full of flaws, fears and expectations. Therefore it is important to remember that we are not alone, and we all need to be strong. With DBSK I feel protected because even though these feelings appear sometimes, I feel strong to keep my faith and believe in myself.

“Even if fate’s games hurt the heart. On the other side of the tears, a single ray of light will swoop into the darkness.” — Love In The Ice (DBSK)

It’s okay to feel sad, or even lose hope (just a little okay? hehe), no one will blame you, and even if you do not realize there are people who care about you, take your time and when you feel better, look at the world around you, listen to DBSK and face the day, from this moment you will be stronger. ‘There is no happiness that lasts forever, and there is no sorrow that never ends.’

Anyway, listen Rise (DBSK) it calms my heart. I’m sure you’ll feel better ~

“If you give up because things are too hard
Will you truly be free from the pain that tortured you?
Don’t be afraid of countlessly falling down on this endless path and getting scarred deeply
When your scars come and go, time will come and heal it as it gives you new memories” — Rise (TVXQ)

Oh my, DBSK healing our wounds … que is because They are the stars of our constellation, the angels que care for us ??? No kidding, I heard so many statements like these. I’m so thankful for their existence.